Let's Break The Bank!

Let's Break The Bank!

I trusted my government, until it lied to me about the murder of JFK. I decided that something was seriously wrong with a government that would lie to its citizens about something so critical to our democracy. (Please note that I'm liberally hyper-linking text to documents which expand on critical concepts.) Consequently, I have since made it my mission in life to find out why our democracy is seriously failing -- all of us. I wanted to look past all of the "minor" problems and focus primarily on discovering the ultimate source.

Initially, I thought that the politicians were responsible. However, I rapidly realized that most of them were being bought and/or controlled by corporations or wealthy elite individuals. For a while, I studied the psychological makeup of people with power over the rest of us and discovered that a large percentage were socio-psychopaths who are mostly driven by monetary greed, which too often is used as a form of power. This finally lead me to just ... "Follow the money."

These days, I'm convinced that ALL of our destinies are being covertly controlled by the people who operate the largest repository of money in the world - the major bankers. Some very preliminary research readily convinced me that the largest banking cartel - which has dominated the world for centuries - is still quietly run by the Rothschilds family.

Now, before you stop reading and toss what I'm saying into the "Conspiracy Theory", anti-semite or Illuminati trash can, please - and for your own good - hear me out!

While I'm often alarmed at how little most of our citizens understand of our banking systems, I'm not surprised - considering the media and educational blackout which exists in our country, regarding this critical subject. This vacuum of information is intentional, as these particular bankers, while building the largest financial empire in the world, have long existed in an international cloud of secrecy for over three centuries.

So, what can a few patriots who are interested in making a change actually do in order to stop, or even challenge, the power of their trillions of dollars? Well, we can join a growing group of like minded citizens who want to create a movement. As the famous cultural anthropologist, Margaret Mead once stated:

"Never depend upon institutions or government to solve any problem. All social movements are founded by, guided by, motivated and seen through by the passion of individuals."

So, what is this movement going to be all about? Well, I think that it's about time that we let the international banking cartels know that we are not only aware of what they are doing to us -- but we are actually going to do something about it! We are going to show OUR power by withdrawing money (any amount -- saving accounts are best) from our major bank (see graphic) accounts on one day - the first banking day of each month - and then redeposit the same amount in the same bank the very next banking day (Set up reminders in your calendar ... perhaps simply use PayPal to remotely make the withdrawals/deposits.). Of course, if just you and I do this, nobody will ever notice, or care. However, I can assure you that if, for example, a fourth of the banking population of the US (or internationally) is monthly demonstrating our power in unison, WE WILL BE NOTICED. Alarm bells, which monitor the bank reserves in bank accounting offices all around the world, will start to ring! The end result is that as bank reserves are reduced, so is the amount of OUR money that the banks can use to loan ... AND speculate with. Relatively speaking, I don't think that it would take very many people who are regularly withdrawing/depositing to start gathering some notice, maybe just a few million dedicated financial activists should do it.

Later, after we have gotten some notoriety and gone "viral" - we will all, one month and in unison, make our regular monthly withdrawal BUT instead of making a deposit back into "their" bank, we will make our deposits into our locally owned credit union or state bank. The next month, and every month thereafter, we will keep repeating until we slowly and safely bring the major banks back under our control ... or they are broken and no longer "too big to fail." The sparks will REALLY start to fly as our movement begins to develop some serious financial/political leverage!

Back in the '80's, before the Internet went graphical, we used to spread ideas, information, jokes, tech tips, etc., in our emails by including phrases like, "Pass this along," or "Forward to a few friends!" The math is irrefutable and can rapidly expand the size of a movement exponentially. I would like to suggest that this be the way we create our bottom-up movement - by spreading this website link via every person who reads this and then decides to - using Email, Twitter, Facebook, etc. - "Pass this link along to a few friends:"


One other bit of helpful action. While we'll be setting off alarms throughout the banking industry, WE may not be aware of how many of us are actively participating in our movement. So, if you decide that you want to help Break The Bank, just click on the following email address and then email it:


Might as well hurry up, since we only have about a dozen years left before our planetary damage becomes irrevocable!

Also, if you would like to explore other forms of political injustices, which our movement can simultaneously address - while we regain control of our banking systems -

click here.